12 JUL 2017
BLOG: 'I'm no criminal' launch at Westminster

Yesterday I attended the launch of “I’m no criminal” which examines the impact of prostitution-specific criminal records on women seeking to exit prosecution. Unlike many other offences prostitution specific charges do not become spent meaning women who are charged with this, albeit 16 years old or 30 years old have to disclose this on their record even when their lives have changed and this life is 20 years behind them.  It impacts their lives ongoing and they are often unable to work in areas such as teaching, school governance, attend university or the services.


I heard powerful discussions from a plethora of influential women either working in services or affected by these issues.


A truly moving event and one in which I would advocate changes due to the marginalisation of women in regaining empowerment in their own lives. Gender specific centres were mentioned as key to enabling changes for women exiting and upheld for me the importance of organisations such as Cambridge Women’s Resource Centre and Dawn Project.


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