A girl or woman should be two things: who and what she wants.






CWRC is a welcoming and accessible women’s community space in our new building on Sturton Street.


Easily accessible by bus, train, foot or bicycle and with two car parking spaces, the centre was established in 1982 and has a rich history of supporting, training and encouraging women seeking positive change for themselves and their families.


This long established and constantly evolving community of women, offers a realm of services to make life and living a little bit easier. Here you will find practical support and advice on many challenging day to day issues, including guidance on career development, support and advice on debt and financial, family and parenting, together with a mix of fun and practical informal groups, workshops and networking events.


Offering a safe environment for all who walk through our doors, coffee room and free WIFI, CWRC encourages and facilitates a sense of friendship and companionship; empowering women and helping them to take steps to a better future.




Our Womens Centre in Peterborough has been open since 2013, where we have premises on the Broadway have a beautiful garden, meeting rooms, coffee room, kitchen, group rooms and one to one spaces for women only. 


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Opening Times:

Mon 9:30AM-3:30PM  Tues 9AM-4:30PM  Wed 9AM-4:30PM  Thurs 9AM-4:30PM Fri 9AM-4PM




Lamyae Arrio

Lamyae Arrio

Centre User


"I came to CWRC to improve my english and undertsand the language, I meet friends and teachers.  Learning english makes me feel more confident, helping me in my day to day life."