Cambridge Beer Festival 2024 was a fundraising triumph for Cambridge Women’s Resources Centre

The numbers are in and we are thrilled to announce that CWRC has raised an incredible £15,000 – all thanks to your amazing support! 

What a team, what an event, what a triumph! We are sending huge cheers to all the wonderful people who donated their glasses, visited our stand and gave generously to support CWRC as the nominated charity for this year’s Cambridge Beer Festival.

As a grassroots charity, it is unbelievably hard to reach a big audience, but the Cambridge Beer Festival provided that platform, helping CWRC share awareness across the community and raise funds dedicated to supporting, educating and encouraging women taking positive steps to a better future, for themselves and their families.

The joyful CWRC stand became a popular spot among festival goers – with buzz wire and shut the box activities providing a fun way for visitors to talk about the vital work we do, together with beautiful handmade items created by the wonderful women at CWRC. It was a massive task for our small team and there is a very special place in our hearts for the incredible volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the week – we really couldn’t have done it without you!

CEO Harriet Morgan said: “Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone attending; from generous visitors, amazing volunteers, the incredible CBF crew, CAMRA, suppliers such as Displayways for our brilliant backdrop, and of course, the amazing women who turn to us for support and help to face the future.”

Our campaign, Every Woman Matters and Every Penny Counts, is still very much ongoing, so please continue being part of the CWRC community, where we listen without judgement.

How you can support Cambridgeshire women at CWRC

  • Click the link here to donate to our JustGiving Page
  • Nominate CWRC as your company Charity of the Year
  • Inspire a fundraising challenge to motivate friends and family
  • Offer women’s clothes and toiletries for our Free Shop
  • Donate regularly as a Friend of CWRC
  • Give in memory of someone special.

Thank you for helping Cambridge Women’s Resources Centre support and empower women to create positive changes in their lives.

Pictures: CWRC