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Gender is a precondition for meeting the challenge of building good governance.


We have over 38 years experience of working with vulnerable women and 10 years intensive experience of working with women offenders. CWRC provides a safe and inclusive environment to address issues, make changes and establish a positive future for those who visit us.


In our experience for many women, financial, personal or social obstacles have made it difficult for them to access opportunities in the past and taking the first steps often raises fears and anxieties. 


Making the case for women-only services


'Safety, both physical and emotional, is a key benefit of women-only services. As a result, women feel supported and comfortable. They become empowered and develop confidence, greater independence, and higher self-esteem. They are less marginalised and isolated and feel more able to express themselves. Women using these services feel that their voices are heard and listened to. Through sharing their experiences with other women to make sense of the world together, they develop a sense of solidarity. 

Women only services have positive impacts on society, enabling women to better support their families. Many go on to work or volunteer, having greater skills and improved confidence.

The economic benefits of women-only services are likely to be significant, saving the state millions of pounds per year, such as through improving women’s job opportunities or through preventing re-victimisation (e.g. domestic violence) or health problems arising or worsening. 

These women only services are often able to reach women who would not otherwise engage with services, either in public or third sectors (including general women’s organisations). As with women only services generally, women from minority groups expect that women from their own or similar backgrounds will have a better understanding of their experiences and issues and greater empathy than men or women who do not share their backgrounds.'

Women Only Services: Making the Case’  published by the Women’s Resource Centre (2011) 


We are proud to have been part of 2018 CEDAW Shadow Report – Violence Against Women.


We have also been actively participating in Cambridge City Council Domestic Abuse Conference where our CEO Stef Martinsen-Barker presented.


We are members of the Cambridge and Peterborough Women’s Consortium, a consortium of seven specialist, women-led organisations working to ensure women are free to choose the life they want.



Samia Seddik

Samia Seddik

Centre User


"I feel good and happy coming to CWRC. My confidence has grown and the course helps with my conversation. The centre makes me feel welcome, it’s like a second family to me."