23 MAR 2018
My Vision

My Vision of CWRC


By Linda Hutchings


When walking to the building, it is found snuggling in the corner of a quiet residential setting.


The building is tucked away, yet you turn a corner and the four letters stand out proud

CWRC’, encouraging, calling you, and drawing you in.


The centre was founded in 1982 by a strong group of dynamic women with a cause, 

to set up a centre for women and children that no other service provided.


I enter the building and there are two doors in front of me as I sit in reception.

On the doors Pooh and Piglet, their smile and happy go lucky style welcomes you.

Mushrooms stand under - what looks like a cherry tree.

The mushrooms surrounding the tree are big and bold transforming from

grey orange to grey purple topped.

It opens the eyes further, a lift, portraying a mass of bright colours that makes you smile.


I breath…a sigh of wonder…


The reception has two comforting pray like hands, symbolising and welcoming you to CWRC.

There are lovely printed square cloths in coloured design art,

pegged onto a line over reception, that beautifully moves in

a slight breeze as women enter the building.


I sit… I sit… and my vision is filled with colour, creativity, and bonding.


Inspirational quotes cover the wall of reception:


I’ve got my life to live,

I’ve got all my love to give I’ll survive, I will survive’.


Photos of smiling faces, gives a warm backdrop…














I see through an open door, gentle encouragement on the rise

 of each step that guides you to the next level…


















A stairway to a new start x

A stair way to new beginnings x

A stair way to hope x



I climb those stairs, slowly savouring every step. As climbing these

stairs are a revolution for me having smashed my ankle previously,

and the words are a comfort to me.


I enter the landing apprehensive of new uncertainty…

Turning into the lounge it fills one of home…


The walls encourage light in to the heart with quotes such as:


'Women hold up half the sky’

To live we must lose our fears of being wrong’.


Plants surrounded the lounge with breakfast bar and kitchen.


The windowsill is dressed with further plants, one reaches for the sky, spider plants give

direction, and Christmas cactus, show’s colour splaying in to the universe.

My interpretation is that it is inviting every woman that enters the centre to grow…


Blue and white hangings drape the window…


Coloured throws cover a comfortable grey sofa. Soft cushion cuddle the chairs and sofa.


There is everything for a new visitor and my apprehension seems to slowly dissipate…


There are racks of beautifully coloured clothing and shoes are in the corner.



Books on shelves, focuses the eye, with a wide range of interests including:


  • Identifying leisure/activities hobbies
  • Short story collection
  • Self-help
  • Women around the world
  • Feminist literature


Art oozes at every line of vision…


In the other corner it invites you to use computers…


There is a sense of comfort and warmth…x


I move from the lounge to a room that is used for career advice:


There is so much to feast the eyes on.


I looked towards the window.

It has blinds and yet it highlights women a chain of coloured

bra’s sweep and dress the window, the clasps link, 

like comrades, women, a community united together.


Red yellow banners, women and children looking at what seems a speaker,

one woman with a spanner in hand.

International woman’s day 2017.

Photo’s - hang from a white tree.

There is so much warmth and comradery.

Collage’s of women smiling - past and present.


The centre encourages a woman to return… to feel safe, and voices heard…x